Games & Sports

"All work and no play make Jack indeed a very dull boy." Sports, games and physical fitness activities are integral part of our education. The games develop in students the essential qualities of sports-man-ship, spirit-de-corps, friendship and comradeship - all vital for personality development.

 The very location of Gyanpur is hilly but we have a very good length of vacant plain field for out-door games like Football, Hockey and Cricket whereas Volley-Ball, Basket Ball, Lawn Tennis etc. can be held in the campus. It is believed that physical fitness and mental development go hand in hand. The students are encouraged to participate in the different streams of sports and games organized by different authorities and the students prove their mettle not only at the district level but also at the zonal level. Some of the teachers have been very good sportsman and they invariably play regularly, their expert guidance is also taken. Plans are there to invite a nice trained coach for expert guidance at regular intervals.