Library & Reading Room
St Thomas School enjoys the wealth of Nature, and it’s beautiful location, automatically invites outing. "The world" as a great man has observed, "is a great book of which they who never stir from home read only a page." Our students are not only encouraged to stir but also are motivated to go to library because as Bartholine has said, "Without book God is silent, Justice dormant, Natural Science at stand, Philosophy lame, Letters dumb and all things involved indarkness. " The school-master may sometimes scold and punish the pupils but as Richard de Burry has observed, "Books are the masters who instruct us without rods and ferules, without hard words and anger, without clothes and money." Books, in fact, are not dead things. They are the life blood of a master spirit according to John Milton. St Thomas School's student - Library along with its Reference-section and Reading-Room would provide open sesame to the cave of knowledge.